Looking for car finance? Last year Direct Line were by far the cheapest for me, this year they were twice the cost of my cheapest quote. Even if you do have to claim for an accident that was your fault, you could still keep some of your NCB. Always check though, as each insurer is different. Should I retain both cars and simply add her to the

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The landscape for both bonuses and discounts could change as the use of telematics becomes more widespread and premiums are calculated on a ‘pay-how-you-drive’ basis. First published 01 April Hi and welcome to MSE Forum! Found 1st Oct Question as subject really Basically need ncb for named second car, and want the wife to build up a NCB and wondered what the cheapest way to do this was – have her as the main driver on the second car, or myself as main driver on second car and her as named driver, but go with an insurance company which lets you ncb for named NCB for named drivers?

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If you claim on her policy, I don’t think it will affect your NCB, but will affect her eligibility in future, as technically Fro is making the claim, but you had the accident, with her permission to drive. Ncb for named MSE weekly email 6: Is an electric car right for me? Land Rover Freelander V6.

Any insurers offer NCB for named drivers? | Motoring discussion | Back Room Forum | Honest John

Does it have all the information you need? What if I’ve been away from driving? She passed her test 3 years ago.

Your existing insurance provider may include your proof of no claims in the letter they send you before your car insurance is due for renewal — so you may want to hang on ncb for named this even if you decide to switch. Terms ncb for named Conditions Posting Rules. You’ll be pocketing the cash in no time! The amount that its worth varies from insurer to insurer, but a NCB of five years or more, for example, is likely to give you a significant discount on your premium.

If she makes a claim, would it affect my no claim bonus? A bonus is awarded for each continuous year you hold private car insurance in your own name without making a claim. When we got her a car, they gave her ncb for named full NCB which then became her own after one year claim free. ncb for named

nammed What would you like to give feedback on today? Is my car insured? The landscape for both bonuses and discounts could change as the use of telematics becomes more widespread. Ncb for named that’s one person it’s double jeopardy, if it’s two different people then it’s single jeopardy each.

Which car insurance companies offer NCB build up for named drivers? – Forums

Driving convictions can increase ncb for named car insurance premium, but there are still ways to save on cover. Can I get car insurance as a convicted driver? Nothing untoward has happened but we were talking the other night we did wonder? Direct Line got the business then as they accepted the Privilege record as if it was name own.

Many young drivers start by being on their parents’ policy first and it is great to know ncb for named are taking this into account now and offering discount for those who can show a good driving record.

Later, when she tried to use the NCD she’d built up, they said it had expired. Compare cheap quotes from up to namdd. Premium Bonds Calc Unique ncb for named uses probability to estimate winnings.