I’m attempting to fix what previously worked unter NTX2 before an update, that is appearently broke was operational. Posted January 13, Support a project and get your name on it! I have both Hardware versions and amazingly enough, it was the newer version HUE that you show, that is refusing to work with NTX4. There was, and is apparently a mistake in believing that Roxio programs well, as they used to do in the past and Test their Software in advance, also the mistaken thought that the update would improve the situation. Boby Edited January 12, by Boby.

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Perhaps I need to set last known working version to WindowsXP.

I would appreciate a driver that works and doesn’t crap on itself with every update. Thank you Transporter room.

The first impression from Roxio was being presented with an Answer that I should download the USB roxio ub315 e and software from the Internet?? Hi Jim, Thanks for the update. Bring lots of Coffee, the update is a complete OS Exchange and is huge.

Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now. In some situations the Tapes roxio ub315 e so old you can’t do much about the results.

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The Problem Boby Post 1 I experienced in the begining. Glad to see lights are on and someone is home. The basis for gettig the USB device to work appears to be difuse and it’s a good luck if roxio ub315 e works condition. If you purchase the Windows software from Roxio you may.

Recent Posts Rocksmith Song Search 2. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. When I built a new roxio ub315 e using Windows 10, I opted not to install Roxio since I now have other programs that do the same thing. I hope it said software not found! BlogGadgetsimgsLife.

Roxio Video Capture USB is not recognized by Roxio Products

Welcome to the Support Chaos. My initial thought is if the software is tested?

I have both Hardware versions and roxio ub315 e enough, it was the newer version HUE that you show, that is refusing to work with NTX4. Wait long enough it goes away but returns randomly in the form of a spinning circle “please wait”. About all I use it for is to capture science shows off TV. The other option is Hardware revision recognition and the Drivers, if new are faulty. Your knowledge roxio ub315 e to be a stumbling block with entry level software. It is installed using the std.

Roxio Video Capture USB is not recognized by Roxio Products – Knowledge Base

Not even Microsoft accomplishes this feat. Posted January 13, edited. Posted January 12, Posted January 13, Of course not roxio ub315 e has older versions of software to take advantage of this. Wasn’t my job to find a reproducible situation? Why, a Software Solutions Architect should know more than rixio users here! Roxio ub315 e strange request from a Software Solutions Architect!

See what happens when you threadjack someone else’s thread. I finally did install Creator SE onto Win 10 just to see what happened. Can I use the Roxio Windows software?