It runs, and I was excited that it did however, the screen and system seems to lock up at random times. As for the carriage return I think that is right – you just need to make sure you enter one at the end of the last line the cursor will be at the beginning of the line underneath the last line of text before you save it. Could simple misreading of fonts be the issue? I’ve put Xubuntu on an old Toshiba Satellite but cannot seem to increase the screen resolution past x which is very annoying as it means I can only use a very small box in the middle of an already small screen. It’s available for download from macpup.

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Could simple misreading of fonts be the issue?

Trident CyberBlade XP Ai1 Display Driver Download

I have a Toshiba laptop with this video card and I was getting frustrated with the small screen. It works like Michael Minn describes here: Thanks a million MonkeyPlus! I’ve installed Xubuntu Maybe this will helpl In passing, my machine is only a 1 GHz processor, so I also did two other things.

I think they’ll probably use it mostly for internet browsing anyways. Try trident cyberblade xp ai1 display and pasting that into your xorg.

Then copied and pasted the above over the entire generated xorg. Trident Microsystems physical id: This thing will not reboot yet, have to power off, it will work using sudo shutdown -P now but not sudo reboot Right now, the machine is at least usable. trident cyberblade xp ai1 display

I know I didn’t get it going under xubuntu Hi jhunterb You’re not going to get any visual cyberbade if you are using a Trident Cyberblade! I rebooted and right there it was all filled out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screen resolution is working trident cyberblade xp ai1 display for me however I want to use 2 monitors to extend my desktop onto the external LCD I have.

This helped me understand xorg. I also had problems with the screen which led me to here and I changed my Xorg. Edit this file with caution, and see the xorg. Good Luck this really works, hope you can get hold of Cyberblaxe 7. Hope that makes it clearer!

I’ve read up on it and it seems to be a unique case. I added a Task Cyberblare to the bottom panel, Windows-style, so that I could be sure to shut off apps that I wasn’t using, and then installed Opera as a browser.

Hi Albython I think you are a bit confused! Thanks for your help. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get this to work but I just can’t get it working.

[xubuntu] Display problem with Trident Cyberblade Ai1 [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I am completely new to Linux and didn’t have the time to go through this until I found this and a few other threads. I tried that and rebooted and it says ‘low graphics mode’ my card is actually 1l and not A1l so I trident cyberblade xp ai1 display tried to substitute that in and got the same message.

The Xorg changes work perfectly with Xubuntu 9. Can someone tell me how to open the file and with what program so I can add the code. You could try this at your own risk: The kernel does not recognize it and does trident cyberblade xp ai1 display load the module.

The Xorg problem went away, and this particular distro detects the Trident chip set and audio flawlessly, and boots quickly. Its too old and basic. Anyway, I never would have gotten it working without your help.