He will write me back in the morning, I’m sure – although he hasn’t been too much help in the last couple of replies – apparently he has very poor english skills and it is taking quite a bit of effort to figure out what he is asking me to do. Extracted the files as instructions from the file at my previously posted link http: It should be under the cdrom section in the devmgr not under HDC. OK I formatted the disk and made a startup disk with my win98 box. First one is an Orinoco wireless networks

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It should find everything that it needs from there. It’s already been put on my “diagnostic cd!

It windows 98 pcmcia to like the driver and even found the device but then it failed, mentioning something about command. I’m sure there are still plenty of similar cards around – one in the UK for sure http: Anyone who’s still using any OS prior to XP really is making life difficult windows 98 pcmcia themselves. Yep that’s the page. Close all applications and power off your computer. ocmcia

It should be under the cdrom section in the devmgr not under HDC. If it is, then remove it again, using the R e move button. If yes then point the new hardware applet to that destination. Will check the cd-rom drivers next this evening, when Windows 98 pcmcia should have time to work on it again if not, tomorrow afternoon there will windows 98 pcmcia time.

I’m about to give up and start searching windows 98 pcmcia the old Windows 95 floppy installation ruitine!! Hope this helps BatGirl, Cheers! Also widnows you want me to post anything from the email just let me know and I’ll do that! Where can I find that converter? Yes hard disk is detected.

WINDOWS 98 PCMCIA BOOT DISK – Forum Thread – Tech Advisor

Hopefully have some time to drag the machine out again this coming weekend!! The driver name was “MicroModem 56” and thats the one I installed I’ll admit I’m not sure.

Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. Windows 98 pcmcia, what do you think about that?

Log in or Sign up. Do you have the manual for the laptop or can you search Sharp’s KB articles?

PCMCIA to USB adapter issue with win98

Sign up with Facebook. To fix your cdrom problem, start by going into the device manager and remove the cdrom from the device manager. I know on Toshiba, there is a utility windows 98 pcmcia allows those devices to be configured. I am going to stop by our local computer store today and see if they have that part, otherwise I may way for the email from the tech support guy They could also windows 98 pcmcia wrong.

I’ll check back later. Are you sure you have plug and play hardware?

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The Coolpix camera windows 98 pcmcia least triggers the upper icon when plugged-in, just the drivers for it are not working now works fine in the Compaq. Yes wlndows is the product at compusa, if they have it instore is another question.

Also I bet you have pads on your motherboard that act as jumpers if you solder resistors to windows 98 pcmcia, like my old laptop had.

I have my doubts as to finding the product at the local PC shop – he doesn’t carry much hardware, unless he’s 9 one of his own, in which windows 98 pcmcia he would be more likely to let me borrow it. Well a quick search on google brought me to DriverGuide.